Saturday, May 3, 2008

Up and Going...

I decided to make the deal site separate from my family blog here we go! There are some good deals going on today, but nothing too crazy! So many people are wigging out about food storage and stuff now, that the prices of all of it have seemed to skyrocket! My husband and I went to Costco the other day, and we happened to turn down the isle with flour and rice and stuff.. they had just got a shipment in, and you would have thought it was a day after Thanksgiving sale! There was a 5 bag limit on the flour.. and people had their 5 bags, had their children with 5 bags in their cart, and then the husband would get 5 bags in his cart, and then he would wait while they checked out, and then ran back in. It was insane! Same thing with the rice..except that it was 12lb bags of brown rice for $12. $1 per pound for rice is NOT a good deal. Plus, brown rice does not store. I read a thing that you may be lucky to get 6 months storage out of brown rice. It is INSANE out there! LOL.

Smiths has their Dasani 24 packs of bottled water on sale for $2.99. This is a good price for Dasani. Bottled water will go on sale for this price quite often, especially during the summer, but with everyone freaking out about food storage now, I wouldn't bank on it! There is a 6 case limit!

Also, Smiths Tix has a deal where if you purchase 3 tickets for their Thomas the Tank Heber Railroad Train (3:45 departure time only) and you use your fresh values card, you will get one ticket free. The ticket prices are: Ages 2 and up $16 on May 22-23rd. $18 for ages 2 and up on May 24-26th. This is a Memorial Day weekend thing only. You must get 4 tickets to get this deal. I have never been on the Heber Railroad, but it could be a fun thing to do.

Bath and Body Works have their Wallflowers and Wallflower refills for $6 each. This is a savings of up to $6.50 a piece. This is one deal I am going to get in on! I LOVE wallflowers, and love to stock up at a good price. They last for approx. 6-8 weeks, I believe.